DH-VB… * 750 – 2500 KG


The DH-VB… are specially designed to load and unload vehicles with multiple or moving loading floors. All DH-VB… are equipped with a flat platform, offering a smooth and level ride from the various loading floors to the ground (and vice versa).

The DH-VB… have a cylinder beam at vehicle roof level. These heavy duty lifts are suitable for vehicles with insufficient ground clearance to mount a DH-VO lower beam lift (too low vehicle floor level); and for applications with a considerable risk that harmful products could penetrate in the cylinder beam (e.g. animal transport).
Upper beam lifts are available in various models, and for different capacity classes. All exterior lifts are equipped with 2 tilt cylinders, hence the platform orientation is adjustable from the exterior controls. The most common lift models are:
DH-VB25.D2   ●   1000 – 2500 kg (old name = DH-VB3)
  • Basic model, robust & heavy duty, multi-functional
  • Height of cylinder beam = 230 mm
  • Platform = steel frame + aluminium infill profiles
  • Lifting height to approx. 1380 mm under the roof level

DH-VBV.25.D2   ●   1000 – 2500 kg  (old name = DH-VBV)

  • Special adaptation for the transport live animals
  • Height of the cylinder beam = 150 mm
  • Platform = full aluminium platform
  • Lifting height to approx. 1205 mm under the roof level (930 mm with option OVF001)

DH-VB10.D3   ●   750 – 1000 kg (old name = DH-VB5A)

  • Light-weight execution
  • Height of the cylinder beam = 180 mm
  • Platform = steel frame + aluminium infill profiles
  • Full aluminium platform as option [OVP004]
  • Lifting height to approx. 540 mm under the roof level (290 mm with option OVF001)

Options: all DH-VB… offer a wide choice of options to adapt the lift to the specific requirement of each and every customer: safety rails on 2, 3 of 4 sides; roll-stops or hinged ramps; side loading ramps; foldable or slide-out ramps at the rear edge of the platform, etc…

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