DH-VO.20.D4 * 1000 – 1800 KG


The DH-VO.20.D4 is equipped with a unique system of telescopic lift columns, enabling the platform to travel from flat on the ground, beyond the roof, to a level at max. 6 m above the ground in one continuous movement.

The lift is equipped with hydraulic stabilising legs, to guarantee optimum safety when working at extreme heights.
The product offer includes a basic version for general applications, and a REMOVAL execution [option OVU002]. The latter is specially designed for the transport and delivery of furniture, and for removal activities.
Standard execution • 1000 – 2000 kg
  • Lower beam lift with telescopic lift runners, steel cables and a set of pulleys
  • Hydraulic closure with 2 tilt cylinders
  • Platform = steel + aluminium infill profiles
  • Lifting height to approx. 6 m above the ground
  • Independent hydraulic stabilising legs
  • Standard side safety rails with integrated lift / lower controls
  • Roof construction
Additional equipment on OVU002 removal execution
  • Lateral shrouds & platform seals
  • Extension of the platform to max. 3000 mm
  • 4-sides demountable safety rails (fully CE compliant on fall protection)
  • 2-button wander lead with plugs mounted on the platform surface
  • Facility to incline the platform down below horizontal angle into ramp-position

Column lifts