DH-VX.25.D2 * 1000-2000 KG


Container lifts are equipped with short columns and extended lift runners, so that no part of the mechanism protrudes below the underside of the vehicle body, when the platform is stored in its travel position. The main benefits of this configuration are:

  • The containers or demountable bodies can be deposited on the ground, without any obstruction from or damage to the lift. In most cases, the platform can be opened, and the container accessed while it is standing on the ground.
  • On trucks with a draw-bar trailer, it provides sufficient clearance between the columns and the draw bar.

Most types of container lifts suit single-deck operations, but multi-deck lifts are also available. The most common lifts are:

DH-VMC3.10.X1   ●   750 – 1000 kg   [single deck]

  • Telescopic lift runners for increased reach
  • Aluminium platform 1600 – 1800 mm long

DH-VBC.25.D1   ●   1000 – 2500 kg   [single deck]

  • Short columns and long lift runners
  • Steel / Alu platform depth 2000 – 2700 mm

DH-VHC.30.D1   ●   1000 – 3000 kg   [single deck]

  • Fully hydraulic lift, operated by 2 vertical lift cylinders incorporated in the lift columns
  • Steel / Alu platform depth 2000 – 2700 mm

DH-VB.20.D3.G08  ●   1000 – 2000 kg   [double deck]

  • Upper beam lift with short colums and long lift runners
  • Steel / Alu platform depth 2000 – 4500 mm

Column lifts