DH-LSP.07.02-03 * 500 – 750 KG


The DH-LSP.07 types 02 and 03 are derived from the basic model DH-LSP.05. Types 02 and 03 solve a number of mounting issues for well-defined types of vans, that couldn’t be solved elegantly with the standard model.

The innovating shape of the lift arms is specially designed for vans where the vertical distance between the loading floor of the vehicle and the under side of the doors is significantly above average, and eliminates the necessity to cut in the steel construction of the body.

he passage from the platform to the vehicle floor is realized by an articulated bridge plate, available as option on this lift [OAM008].

Most frequently, type 02 is mountd to Iveco Daily, Renault Master RWD and equivalent vehicles; type 03 is specially adapted to Fort Transit RWD.

Lifts for factory built panel vans