DH-TV.03 * 300 KG


The DH-TV 300 kg is specially designed for urban buses, to assist wheelchair passengers to embark & disembark the vehicle in a comfortable and safe manner.

The lift is usually mounted at one of the side doors of the bus, and occupies the space that is otherwise occupied by the access stair. In rest position, it takes the shape and function of the access stair, and is used by pedestrians to step in & out of the bus. Upon deployment, the system is automatically transformed into a lifting platform, and is used to assist wheelchair users to enter & exit the vehicle.
The DH-TV is available in 3 executions:
  • STANDARD execution and the MICRO-lift [option OWU005], both with automatic deployment of the lift platform;
  • MANUAL execution whereby the extension part of the platform is extended / retracted by hand.

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