In tune with its time, the Neos refrigeration range is expanding and
adapting to today’s challenges of city delivery with the Neos HE
– High Efficiency, offering electric-powered solutions for vehicles up
to 12 m3. With two installation concepts, Neos can be integrated into
the vehicle or fitted externally and is a versatile and reliable choice for
customers operating in cities looking for reliability, sustainability and
driver comfort.


  • Constant cooling capacity
  • Fully electric unit
  • Improved electrical consumption
  • High reliability
  • High versatility
  • Environmentally sustainable

Cooling capacity road @ 0°C/30°C  1520 W 1520 W
Cooling capacity road @ -20°C/30°C  550 W
Cooling capacity standby @ 0°C/30°C 1560 W
Cooling capacity standby @ -20°C/30°C 570 W
Heating capacities @ +18°C/-18°C 800 W
Airflow 1125 m3/h
Consumption on 12V @ 0°C/30°C 86 A
Consumption on 12V @ -20°C/30°C 66 A
Dimensions host unit in mm (h x w x d) 232 x 864 x 480
Dimensions evaporator in mm (h x w x d) 193 x 860 X 614
Total weight  75 kg
Refrigerant qty 1,5 kg
Refrigerant type R452A

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