The most powerful direct drive Carrier Transicold unit ever made

Delivering fresh and frozen goods from “farm to fork” is a complex process. Having the right and best equipment to handle your needs will be a key factor for your success. Our Xarios range is now expended to help you take on your challenges. Each unit is designed to maximize your cold chain performance while fitting the best of your needs.

Xarios 8 introduces direct drive technology for Low & Medium duty trucks, allowing to fit the best of your needs. No engine allowing to drastically reduces costs of operation.

A new skin for enhanced performance

Xarios 8’s refined skin reinforces its resistance to impacts while providing for an even larger air entrance. The result is an improved heat exchange that contributes to optimized unit performance, regardless of ambient temperature.

Increased reliability, reduced costs

Equipped with highly resistant skin, long-life evaporator fans, a brushless condenser fan and more, Xarios 8 was designed to last. Easy access and increased durability mean reduced maintenance time and costs, and no additional engine means no fuel.

Higher cooling/ heating capacities

Thanks to upgraded refrigeration components like the new Carrier 210 road compressor, a high capacity standby compressor, and a new evaporator coil, Xarios 8 offers 55% more cooling capacity and 20% more heating capacity than all of its predecessors.

Reduced environmental impact

By using its MCHe condenser technology, Carrier Transicold limits the quantity of refrigerant required by Xarios 8, resulting in a 40% decrease(1) of Global Warming Potential related to refrigerant. In addition, direct drive technology provides a low-noise solution for heavy-duty trucks, easing the access to Low Emission Zones.

(1) in comparison between the Xarios 8 and an equivalent diesel refrigeration unit.


  • New aesthetic: A smoother and stronger design
  • Very high cooling capacities*: Upgraded components to reach new possibilities
  • Very high heating performances*: Preserves box temperature at low ambient temperature
  • Accurate temperature control: Carrier software experience for cargo safety
  • High versatility: From Fresh to frozen applications with a single unit
  • Environment friendly: A design that drastically reduces the impact on environment and easy access to low emission zones
  • Compact & low weight: A lower weight for more cargo
  • Optimized available box volume: Such a flat evaporator optimizes available volume
  • Optimized air flow: A large evaporator for a more uniform air flow
  • Low operation costs: No engine, high reliability unit

*Xarios 8 is the most powerful unit in Xarios range.

Refrigeration Capacity
(System net cooling capacity under A.T.P. Conditions at 30° C ambient)
MXL 1550+
Capacity on road at 2400 rpm 0°C (W) 7 990
Capacity on road at 2400 rpm -20°C (W) 4 200
Capacity on road at 1000 rpm 0°C (W) 5 400
Capacity on road at 1000 rpm -20°C (W) 3 190
Standby capacity at -400V/3/50 Hz 0°C (W) 6 170
Standby capacity at -400V/3/50 Hz -20°C (W) 3190
Heating Capacity
Heating system 18°C/-18°C (W) 4750
(High speed engine operation) 2 488 m3/hr
ATP Compliant
Weight 206 kg
Type R-452A
Charge 3,1 kg
Sound Emission
Power Lwa 86 dBA
Height 519 mm
Width 1376 mm
Depth 532 mm
Road compressor
Techno Reciprocating
Model Carrier 210
Controls Standard

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