Light weight and ease of use for national and international long haul deliveries


Your mission requires you to maintain a constant temperature over a long distance with maximum payload and minimum downtime?


The Vector 1350 unit combines the simplicity of belt-driven technology with the efficiency of patented electric technology. Designed for effortless long haul transportation with an optimized capacity of 12 700 Watts, the Vector 1350 unit is also available in Stand-by version.


The engine drives both a compressor and a generator to power the ventilation system. Electrical fans reduce the number of belts significantly improving the reliability while optimized capacity enables a downsized 1,1 L engine, achieving significant fuel savings.

Refrigeration Capacity
(System net cooling capacity under A.T.P. Conditions at 30° C ambient)
Capacity on engine power 0°C 13 112 W
Capacity on engine power -20°C 8 304 W
Capacity on electrical stand by 0°C 7998 W
Capacity on electrical stand by -20°C 7 614 W
Diesel High speed 18°C/-18°C 9 300 W
Standby 18°C/-18°C 5 100 W
(High speed engine operation 1750 round/Min)
(AMCA 21085) m3/hr 5 433
(Including battery)
R (Road version) 645 kg
S (Road and Stand-by version) 690 kg
T (Low Noise version) 698 kg
Model CT 3-69TV
Displacement 1123 cm3
n° of cylinders 3
Maintenance Interval 1500 hrs
Model 05 K4
Displacement 400 cm3
n° of cylinders 4
Electrical Stand by Motor
Voltage / Phase / Frequency 400/3/50
Rating 5,5 kW
Type R-404A
Charge 5,1 kg
Sound pressure (At high speed)
Standard 76 dBA
Low Noise 73 dBA
Sound Power Lwa
R (Road version) 102 db
S (Road and Stand-by version) 102 db
T (Low Noise version) 100 db
Dimensions (D x W x H) 2050 x 430 x 2227 mm
Body opening L 1700 x H 1170 mm

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