The Vector 1550 City enables night deliveries, improves driver and citizen comfort, with standard installation.


Your mission requires long haul temperature controlled transport and distribution with frequent door openings?

Generating a noise level below 60 decibels and benefiting from standard installation, the Vector 1550 City uses the same mounting points and front wall opening as a standard trailer unit. The installation process therefore remains the same as for other units of the Vector range, with no specific chassis work required


The Vector 1550 unit combines efficient patented E-Drive technology with an economizer. It is ready to handle a wide range of logistical challenges with low cost of ownership and a balanced capacity of 12 000 Watts.


The Vector 1550 unit is equipped with patented E-Drive technology. Benefiting from the economizer capacity boost, the hermetic compressor has been downsized enabling a reduction in engine size.


  • Maximising uptime
  • Protecting cargo
  • Ensuring sustainability
  • Piek certified (60 dB sound pressure at low speed)

Refrigeration Capacity
(System net cooling capacity under A.T.P. Conditions at 30° C ambient)
Diesel High Speed capacity 0°C (W) 12 000
Diesel High Speed capacity -20°C (W) 8 150
Diesel Low Speed capacity 0°C (W) 12  000
Diesel Low Speed capacity -20°C (W) 6 700
Capacity on electrical stand by 0°C (W) 12 500
Capacity on electrical stand by -20°C (W) 7 050
Heating Capacity
Diesel High speed 18°C/-18°C (W) 8 800
Diesel Low speed 18°C/-18°C (W) 5 000
Standby 18°C/-18°C (W) 5 000
(High speed engine operation)
(AMCA 21085) m3/hr 4 600
(Including battery)
751 kg
Model CT 4-91TV
Displacement 1498 cm3
n° of cylinders 4
Maintenance Interval 1500 hrs
Model ZF19VE-164
Displacement 123 cm3
n° of cylinders Scroll
Electrical Stand by Motor
Voltage / Phase / Frequency 400/3/50 Hz
Rating 16 kW
Type R-404A, R-452A
Charge 5 kg
Sound Pressure
Low Speed 60 dBA
Dimensions (D x W x H) 2050 x 430 x 2347 mm
Body opening L 1700 x H 1170 mm

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