Developed for distribution environments with multiple doors openings, rely on the unmatched performance of the SUPRA range in your challenging operation.

The SUPRA range achieves superior pull-down and accurate temperature control at all set points. This performance is supported by a large range of evaporators with electric fans providing constant airflow independent of engine speed. Available in multi-temperature throughout the range, SUPRA offers enhanced load protection for all truck applications.


Building on hundreds of thousands of operating hours, SUPRA demonstrates a robust design both for aesthetics (strong composite material) and components (easy start) to extend the unit lifetime and reduce downtime. Maintenance time is also optimised thanks to easy accessibility.


  • Constant evaporator airflow
  • Robust design
  • High reliability
  • Extreme low-noise capabilities
  • High cooling performance

Refrigeration Capacity
(System net cooling capacity under A.T.P. Conditions at 30° C ambient)
Capacity on engine power 0°C (W) 6 780
Capacity on engine power -20°C (W) 3 750
Capacity on electrical stand by 0°C (W) 5 920
Capacity on electrical stand by -20°C (W) 3 120
Heating Capacity
Diesel High speed 18°C/-18°C (W) 2 170
Standby 18°C/-18°C (W) 1 205
(High speed engine operation)
(AMCA 21085) 2 140 m3/hr
(Including battery)
S version (Standard) 429 kg
T Version (Low noise) 432 kg
X version (Silent) 437 kg
Model CT3-44TV
Displacement 719 cm3
n° of cylinders 3
Maintenance Interval 750/1000 hrs
Model 05K2
Displacement 200 cm3
n° of cylinders 2
Electrical Stand by Motor
Voltage / Phase / Frequency 230/400/3/50 Hz
240/460/3/60 Hz
Rating 4,8 kW
Type R-404A, R-452A
Charge 5,2 kg
Sound Pressure
Standard Low Noise Silent
High speed 68,2 dBA 66,9 dBA 65,8 dBA
Low speed 66 dBA 63,3 dBA 62,6 dBA
Standby 59,7 dBA 57,7 dBA
Dimensions 888 x 1823 x 629 mm
Body opening L 1245 x H 310 mm

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