DH-VH.40 * 1000 – 4000 KG


The DH-VH… form a diverse group of single-deck columns, all fully hydraulically operated by 2 lift cylinders mounted in vertical position in the side columns of the lift frame. The DH-VH… benefit from reduced maintenance costs, as many of the traditional components susceptible to wear (steel ropes and pulleys, chains and sprockets) are eliminated from the design.

Most DH-VH… use a mechanical torsion tube link between the 2 lift runners to realise synchronisation between the 2 lift cylinders and obtain a steady, level platform movement from the vehicle floor to the ground (and vice versa).

Fully hydraulic lifts (also called “direct lifts”) are available in various models, and for different lift capacities. The most popular models are:

DH-VH.10.H1   ●  750 – 1000 kg

  • Compact lift frame with minimal depth in or behind the vehicle body
  • Therefore often mounted laterally, e.g. as wheelchair or stretcher lift on medical vehicles
  • Full aluminium platform
  • Hydraulic closure with 2 tilt cylinders, the platform angle is fully adjustable

DH-VH.30.H1   ●  1000 – 3000 kg

  • Heavy duty direct lift for a wide array of applications
  • Suitable for higher capacities, with longer platforms
  • Hydraulic closure with 2 tilt cylinders, the platform angle is fully adjustable
  • Available with external shrouds and internal sealing kit

DH-VH.30.E1   ●  1000 – 3000 kg

  • Heavy duty lift, suitable for higher capacities and use in “hostile environment” conditions
  • Automatically folding steel / aluminium platform
  • Enables the vehicle to reverse into the loading docks with the folded platform evacuated below the floor level
  • Hydraulic closure with 1 tilt cylinder, no intermediate tilt adjustment possible

Column lifts

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