DH-VOCS.07.K1 * 500 – 750 KG


The DH-VOCS integrates a lift and the rear frame of the vehicle body into one single structure, and saves up to 100 kg pay-load on light-duty commercial vehicles! It is the lightest tail lift in the 3.5 – 7.5T GVW truck range.

The product consists of:

  • a light weight full aluminium column lift
  • an aluminium platform of 1200-1600 mm deep
  • a top-hatch operated by gas cylinders
  • all these incorporated in an aluminium rear frame that replaces the original rear frame of the vehicle body

This solution is independent of any chassis constraints (overhang, spring hangar,…). The DH-VOCS is extremely reliable and easy to use without specialised driver training. There is also a K9 execution available, with lifting heigth above the vehicle floor.

Column lifts

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