Air Top Heaters

Air Top air heaters generate comfortable warmth right after they’re turned on. They quickly heat the driver’s cabin and ensure evenly distributed temperatures in the cargo and passenger area –even at very low outside temperatures and in mountainous regions. With a heating power of 2.0 kW – 5.5 kW, we have an appropriate solution for every type of vehicle. Extended heating periods and continuous heating, while parked pose is ensured. Thanks to its modular system, the Air Top heater quickly reaches its heating output of up to 11 kW. This allows for operation of up to four heaters in one system.


  • Low procurement and installation costs
  • Short heating times
  • Individual configuration of the air distribution
  • Circulating air or fresh air mode





Water Heaters

Deployments in the ice and snow and frosty temperatures of winter are always endurance tests. With a water heater by Webasto you’ve already overcome some of them. Because thanks to a parking heater function, the engine is preheated and immediately ready to go even at the lowest of temperatures. You avoid cold starts while consumption, wear and tear and emission values are all reduced. So you can drive with a clear conscience – and clear visibility. The system of engine, heat exchanger and fan brings the interior to a pleasant temperature. The windshield de-iced even before you drive off. The performance range is also quite impressive: from 4 to 40 kW you are guaranteed to find the ideal product for your own application.


  • Engine preheating and / or cabin heating
  • Longer service life of the engine thanks to reduction of cold starts
  • Continued use of existing vehicle components
  • Use of the engine heat to bridge short standstill times without exhaust emissions





WEBASTO heaters presentation in pdf

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